The NICE Reboot by Penina Rybak is Released

The NICE Reboot by Penina Rybak is Released

PALMYRA, Va., March 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Lack of confidence and fear of failure often hold women back from being entrepreneurs according to research by the Global Entrepreneurship Research Association. In her just released book, The NICE Reboot, entrepreneur, consultant, and speaker Penina Rybak offers female entrepreneurs the antidote. She helps them overcome their fear of the unknown and start their own endeavors to grow, change, and soar.

The NICE Reboot is a guide for female entrepreneurs who are looking for practical help, who need to keep up with business trends, and who want to be more tech-savvy. Entrepreneurs who are also trying to juggle work, family, personal growth, and satisfaction with their lives. Rybak inspires readers to become confident, practical, well-rounded, humane, and balanced entrepreneurs.

Rybak sums up this spirit of entrepreneurism with the acronym NICE. It stands for Nice, Informed, Competent, Entrepreneurial. The NICE Reboot provides female entrepreneurs with inspiration and practical strategies on how to be NICE:

  • Nice how to get started in business, developing an appropriate skillset and mindset that will steer their mission and business plans to build businesses that will be successful and leave a legacy
  • Informed how to leverage humor, music, visuals, and storytelling in developing their marketing hooks to get customers
  • Competent how to upgrade their technology IQs by using an iPad to help forge a path to create innovative services and products
  • Entrepreneurial how to look for patterns to help them enhance their creative input, use public forums and social media to spread the word about their mission, and time the trajectory of their mission, understanding when to bootstrap, when to seek capital, when to trust their gut, when to find a mentor.

"Whether you're driven by necessity or opportunity, The NICE Reboot offers the perfect combination of information and inspiration to put you on the path to entrepreneurial success," says Rieva Lesonsky, Founder/CEO of GrowBiz Media. "Penina Rybak takes the mystery out of business startup. Follow her simple formula: Creativity + Passion + Timing = Entrepreneurial Success and you'll unlock the secrets of achieving your dreams of business ownership."

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