The Korea Manhwa Contents Agency Announces the Release of a Series Of Animated E-Books To U.S. Market

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ The Korea Manhwa Contents Agency (KOMACON), the government agency responsible for sharing comics and print cartoons created by Korean artists, announced today the release of several new animated e-books to the U.S. market. Korean manhwa, increasingly popular in the United States, is receiving broad recognition worldwide with the popularity of "Oksu Station Ghost" and other animated series utilizing unique Korean artistry and storytelling.

"Manhwa is a cultural jewel in Korea's crown, and we are anxious to share this important art with the rest of the world," said Oh Jae-rok, a director at KOMACON. "We have seen a great deal of interest in Korean cartoons and animation coming from the U.S. and we hope these new releases will excite our fans and attract a new audience."

The following e-books, developed by 11 Korean cartoonists, are now available on and through the Apple iTunes store.

Global Project-A Compilation of Ecological Cartoons-Between < Between > cartoons on the 'relationship' between nature and humans. Check out the works of five cartoonists from Korea. Since gathering to found the ecological cartoonist club "Ecomics," they have been active in many works since then.

Discoveries in Travel
Do we get married because of love? If so, what happens to our marriage if that love comes to an end? We say we consider many things before marriage, but have we really tried to contemplate beyond the 'conditions?' This is a story of five people; a man and woman who reunite a year after their divorce, and the additional guys and girls entangled in love triangles with the couple. They have two things in common: they're on a Euro trip, and they have complicated feelings towards 'marriage.

Key of Mortal Remains
As long as there has been humankind, natural disasters were there. However it seems that these disasters are just a big game of God (or whatever being) which controls the earth and life of human kind. Disaster will destroy human city, country, even the world. And it has been happening for long time. But there is a way to stop these disasters. If the human with destiny of the "KEY" meets the human with destiny of the "LOCK".

King Wiman
After Wiman was ousted from political authority of Gojoseon, he gathered the military outside and built country Wiman. And, at first he planned to invade Bukbuyeo united with king Yucheol of country Han, to govern North Asia, but he solely attacked Bukbuyeo using a commotion of the inside disorder of the country. A war cartoon of North Asia waged in among country Wiman, country Han, and Bukbuyeo.

Based on Hindu mythology, Karishna sheds new insight and ideology to the pantheon of the Hindu mythos. The seed of a demon is born onto the world and promises hell and destruction. Only the birth of another deity and can put an end to the reign of terrror and despair.

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