'The Hadassah Code' is Released

'The Hadassah Code' is Released

BRISBANE, Australia, Jan. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ After fourteen years of research, author Hadassah Marshall launches The Hadassah Code (ISBN # 9781742842509), a page turning book that explores a controversial discovery that mankind lives and dies by a Biblical Numeric Systems.

Written in a style that is easy to follow, The Hadassah Code is a reference work and benchmark for all those who seek to find biblical numeric systems working in their personal lives. It will take readers to a new level of understanding about being subject to time outside our control, independent of gender, race or culture.

"In this book you will find the codes of life and death, and it is my opinion that those who read this book should come to the conclusion that death is engineered. The sequences of biblical numerics are not limited to the people in my book, so it is my desire that the reader seeks out in their own lives to show that these sequences exists in their generations," says Hadassah Marshall.

To illustrate how the concept of Biblical Numerics works, the author has compiled a list containing hundreds of the world's most famous, and influential people, including Hollywood celebrities, political leaders and royalty. "The results and findings will astound readers, believes and non-believers alike," the author says.

The Hadassah Code is for sale on Amazon and other major bookstore websites around the world.

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'The Hadassah Code' is Released

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