“The Giantonios: Family Matters” By Gerard R. D'Alessio is Released

“The Giantonios: Family Matters” By Gerard R. D'Alessio is Released

From Dr. Gerard R. D'Alessio, author of "Dr. Cappeletti's Chorus," comes a new suspense fiction, titled "The Giantonios: Family Matters" (published by iUniverse). This new book portrays the importance of family relationships across generations and how the lives of one generation impact on the others. It is primarily about how overwhelmed a successful patriarch can feel when confronted with problems he is ill-equipped to handle.

Set in Philadelphia, the story follows the life of Gennero Giantonio, a powerful elder in a Philadelphia crime family. He investigates his grandson, Richie's death from an overdose of heroin, while dealing with major problems in his own family: Tessie, his wife of 55 years has become paranoid and delusional, and his beloved older sister is dying of cancer. Grady Powers, a friend of Gennero's deceased grandson, tries to help Gennero discover the truth about Richie's death.

Issues of aging, addiction, drugs and crime all make "The Giantonios: Family Matters" a highly compelling read. Its vivid portrayal of the suspense of uncovering the truth about the grandson's death and tension resulting from Gennero's difficulty in coping with his psychotic wife provide an insight into the problems of aging and offers a sympathetic understanding and affection for the characters and the conflicts they have to deal with.

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