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Leadership and management is critical to the success of any organization. 75% of workers report that dealing with their immediate supervisor is the most stressful part of their job according to the Gallup Business Journal.

An article, "Many employees would fire their boss," appeared in October 2007. The research indicated that 24% would fire their boss if given the chance. 56% are disengaged and sleepwalking through work on any given day, and 18% actively undermine their team's effort.

Thus, bad bosses or Bossholes are a significant drain on the gross domestic product of the nation and a big reason why many people hate their jobs. Best Selling author Dr. Alston suggests that the challenge of correcting this problem is two-fold: 1) Do not tolerate Bosshole behavior in supervisors. 2) Do not act like a Bosshole yourself. This requires people to know what the attributes of a good boss are compared to a bad one.

In The Bosshole Effect, Dr. Alston draws on 35 years of experience in corporate America, business ownership, and academic leadership to provide a compelling and comprehensive guide for people who want to become better leaders.

Each chapter outlines three steps for readers to follow in their daily actions that will cause them to act like a good boss. The steps are explained so that anyone can understand them and real examples are used to describe how they work in real life. Dr Alston believes that " Leadership is not a personality trait, it is a way of acting."

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Greg L. Alston is an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Management and Assistant Dean at Wingate University School of Pharmacy in North Carolina. He has a unique resume of management success. He graduated cum laude with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of the Pacific while simultaneously becoming a credentialed K-12 teacher through the School of Education.

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