The Beginning of God Describes God's Origin, Challenges Darwin

The Beginning of God Describes God's Origin, Challenges Darwin

Heaven's Tablet, by James Brewship, is an inspirational narrative about four friends who search for a beautiful but mysterious woman in Heaven. Largely Bible-based, the story focuses on life along golden streets and beyond them, where uniquely defined heroes are applauded and where the great white horse is not the only magnificent animal.

This novel that was called "brightly optimistic" by Kirkus, the most trusted voice in book discovery, might benefit individuals who are bereaved or discouraged. It might also stir some controversy. The new "simpler theory of evolution" it espouses, though only a small part of the story, reinforces Biblical accounts that God is the Creator of the World.

The story reads that only one life-form, throughout all time and space, ever successfully evolved... "Billions of years ago, in a body-form referred to as eternapure, God arose, totally alone on a planet filled with mineral-rich pools of life-sustaining water."

"Time began when He began," Angel Julius explains. The angel tells the whole story, smiles broadly, then reaches for a piece of pie.

Heaven's Tablet doesn't fail to entertain as it demonstrates how the Earth's fossil records are proof, not of massive, Walmart-scale evolution, but of the definite existence of God.

Brewship believes the Bible was right all along. On the subject of six-day creation, the story explains that the eternapure body needs no sleep, though sleep can be enjoyed as a luxury. Therefore, a day to God, who generates his own light, is without limits. As time belongs to him, a day, and especially a creation-day, was and always will be his to define.

As Heaven's Tablet takes the reader on a fascinating journey of mystery, romance, and one incredibly heartwarming reunion, the case for faith grows stronger. If Heaven is really like this, it could get pretty crowded. Everyone will want to go there.

Where can more information about this "story that was sent from Paradise in an ancient tablet" be found? There's a great clue on the book's cover. Heaven sent it airmail "Earth-bound Angels to Earth-based Amazon."

* See Heaven's Tablet at (description and cover) for instant story verification.

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The Beginning of God Describes God's Origin, Challenges Darwin

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