Teresa Ruiz Shares How She Stood Up to Domestic Violence in RUN FREE

A mother of three at the tender age of nineteen, author Teresa Ruiz shares a story of resilience and facing life head on after a hard blow of fate and a series of violence. Raising her three children after getting out of the shelter, Ruiz has learned to be an independent, self-supporting mother instead of enjoying the days at school and a normal teenage worry-free life. A woman toughened by the challenges she has to face at an early age, Ruiz shares the life she now enjoys and tries to live after she has "Run Free."

Witnessing her father always beating their mother, violence has been a constant part of Ruiz's childhood. The need to move around, never staying in one place for so long to stay away from their abusive father, resulted to lack of friends and Ruiz keeping to herself. After she found what she thought to be the romance and the love that she deserves, she dropped out of tenth grade and lived with the man who seems to have swept her off her feet. Little did she know that the life that awaits her is going to be a life of the same violence that her mother used to endure.

Deciding to end the violence cycle for her children, Ruiz sought out the help of the shelter and the police department and finally put an end to the physical and emotional torture she has been putting up with. With the support from her mother, her sisters, and the welfare, Ruiz was able to heal, learn and accept her responsibility towards her three children. A renewed look in life, a strength drawn from perseverance to give her young ones a happy and violence-free life, Ruiz stays positive - displaying the real strength and resilience of a woman.

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