Terance Wall Releases THE SYMMETRY OF GNOSIS

Terance Wall Releases THE SYMMETRY OF GNOSIS

Author Terance Wall states that, "'The Symmetry of Gnosis: The Universe Explained?' (published by Trafford Publishing) is the result of his evaluation of the 10 sephiroth of Qabala and the 10 dimensions of superstring theory being the same 10.

Wall argues that the structure of space-time is defined by the Qabalistic Tree of Life, resulting in a fractal, holographic universe in which life arises with a probability of one. As readers progress through the book, they also are treated to the author's ideas over a combined occult science with theoretical physics, thus, the author hopes, showing readers how science and religion can be unified.

"I hope that the notion that science and religion are not as incompatible as they may seem is expressed," Wall says. "I want scientists to obtain an exposition of certain esoteric ideas about God and theists gaining an appreciation of the complexity of the science after reading my book."

"The Symmetry of Gnosis"
By Terance Wall
Softcover | 8.5 x 11 in | 336 pages | ISBN 9781466958890
E-Book | 336 pages | ISBN 9781466958883
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Terance Wall was born in 1969 in Wigan, England. He was educated at the University of Liverpool, where he studied veterinary medicine. After graduation, he spent four years in a small-animal practice before leaving the veterinary profession in 1999 to research the material for "The Symmetry of Gnosis". More information about the author can be found at

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