Teen Poet Releases WORDS... FROM THE SKY

Teen Poet Releases WORDS... FROM THE SKY


Inspired by their high school production of "Alice in Wonderland: The Musical," student Rayan Abdul-Baki penned his first poem, "Curiosity," a work sparked by a desire to express himself in words, which in turn unleashed a burning passion to change the world through the power of the pen. The result of this intense energy is a collection of rhymes and verses that promises to bring light to readers' lives through "Words from the Sky."

After their school production of "Alice in Wonderland: The Musical," high school student Rayan Abdul-Baki found the inspiration to write his first poem entitled "Curiosity." That sudden spark of inspiration and childlike curiosity in expressing himself in words burst into a flaming passion to help the world become a better place. Now, he publishes his very first collection of poetry aimed to achieve that dream, titled "Words from the Sky."

"Words from the Sky" is basically a poetry collection with poems dedicated to each heavenly word. Each word aims to enhance readers' life story. Without a definite earthly or present-day setting, each poem does point toward a dream for a better future, somehow telling readers about a possible heavenly world that may come to take place one day.

The inspirational book contains words of love and peace, which enhance a person's life and soul upon reading. Prefacing with a poem about God, expressing Him as the saviour and guardian, who cures people's dismay and brightens their lives. Its main purpose is to depict the fact that although people's outer selves are wearing away, their inner selves are being renewed every day, in hope for a better life and a better future.

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