Tchinda Fabrice Mbuna Releases New Novel on Fresh Take of the American Dream

Tchinda Fabrice Mbuna Releases New Novel on Fresh Take of the American Dream

What's an immigrant from Cameroon to do when his host wants him to marry a woman he has never met? Meet Mr. Fabrice, an immigrant poet, playwright, and dramatist, who has just arrived in America. He is staying with his one-time peer, Miss Beatrice, who picks him up at the airport.

Mr. Fabrice becomes famous as an African-American writer and then discovers how his one-time best friend Miss Beatrice has been changed by the feminist culture in America. His life turns tragic when his friend becomes greedy for money and wants him to marry her best friend, Miss Asunder, who was born in America.

Instead, Mr. Fabrice falls in love with another Cameroonian immigrant, Miss Angel. His life is rocked when Miss Asunder uses feminist laws and her status as a native-born American to fight his engagement to Miss Angel. Miss Asunder threatens him with sexual harassment charges unless he has an affair with her. He says, "Despite the pains, mistakes, and sorrows... I can still see the American dream with my foresight burning like a candlelight in the dark."

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"The social conclusions drawn are highly engaging for their boldness and unique spin. Rarely are the complex social issues facing America spoken about so eloquently."

The Evil Behind the Law, Volume I: What Love Cannot Do, Prayer Will Do (ISBN: 978-1-62516-751-4) is now available for $15 and can be ordered through the publisher's website: or at online retailers.

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About the Author:

Born in Cameroon, Tchinda Fabrice Mbuna is a traveling evangelist, award-winning poet, dramatist, playwright, conference facilitator, and public speaker. He is the author of The Evil Behind the Law Vol. II and On My Wedding Day, available at, and
The Origin and Cure of HIV/AIDS, from Tate Publishing. He earned his master's in divinity in New York City.

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