Tamar Caspi Releases HOW TO WOO A JEW

Tamar Caspi Releases HOW TO WOO A JEW

As Valentine's Day approaches, Jewish singles are becoming more concerned about their relationship status-are they going to have a date on Valentine's Day, or will they be spending the most romantic night of the year alone, dwelling on the fact that they're spending the most romantic night of the year alone?

Tamar Caspi, JDate advice columnist and author of How to Woo a Jew: The Modern Jewish Guide to Dating and Mating, says that rather than being worried about looking for a date this February 14th, look for love that will last forever. Although desperate times often call for desperate measures, be sure you don't fall into the trap of scrambling to find a Valentine just so you aren't alone, as disheartening as that may seem. Instead, use Caspi's expert tips to find your beshert-your soul mate-to spend all future Valentine's Days with.

1. Plan Ahead: Don't let desperation cloud your judgment. Make plans with your other single friends to grab a few drinks or see a movie. There's safety in numbers, and you're less likely to go out with someone who isn't right for you on Valentine's Day if you already have plans.

2. Log on to JDate: If you're not already a member, then join. If you are a member, then use Valentine's Day as a reason to edit your profile. Can you narrow or expand your preferred age range? Are your stats still up to date? Do you have new photos to upload? Perhaps there are new members who you haven't checked out yet. Take the time to click on some Secret Admirers, Flirt, or email some prospects. You can't complain about being a single Jew on Valentine's Day if you're not active online.

3. Spread the Word: Don't be ashamed of your single status. Let your family and friends know that you are ready and willing to be set up. Give them some guidelines, along the lines of what JDate asks for in their profiles (age, education, level of Judaism, etc.), and anything else of importance to you-without going overboard. If your list of non-negotiables is too long, people will get turned off about setting you up.

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