THEM'S MY PEOPLE Shares Common Life Stories

THEM'S MY PEOPLE Shares Common Life Stories

People around here facing problems of life, or its many slices, in their own comic or tragic ways has inspired author Jolene Morgan Boyer to write a story that reflects man's battles together with his downfall or victory in this new literary marvel. "Them's My People" showcases what Boyer considers as unique and unusual stories she had witnessed for decades.

Boyer's book is a collection of a 30 different stories about different people who are a little more edgy in handling their issues in life such as: starvation, lack of money, lies, adultery, lust, love, salvation, murder, recklessness, and discrimination. Through her short stories, with assorted kinds of people as characters giving life to it, readers will see how each man, woman or a couple faces and handles the ordeals in their own way, their own language, usually based on the culture in which they are living.

Through her book, Boyer wants to share the message to anyone who has lived to experience this life. She tells them that at one time or another they or their kin and friends may have faced the same problems faced by the characters of her book, and each one is also with the responsibility to conclude them their way - whether it is the right or the wrong one. Another important key point Boyer wants readers to get from her book is that as long as people live, problems will always be their constant companion, whether it is today or in the future.

All in all, "Them's My People" is a reflection of the many stories that each people contribute to this world. Delivered in an honest and very realistic manner of story-telling, Boyer communicates to readers' heart making them see the seriousness and humor, even in some of the tragic stories, that at some point of man's life, he or she can still laugh at other people's antics and actions.

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