THE SPIRIT HEALER Taps into the Power of Personal Healing

THE SPIRIT HEALER Taps into the Power of Personal Healing

From a woman whose story is one of vulnerability, born of her strength and wisdom comes a revealing and empowering book that will lead readers to discover their own truth and personal power. Author Charlotte Grace, a catalyst who has helped thousands of people heal their life through self-awareness and practical tools, invites readers to witness her journey and be touched by "The Spirit Healer."

So many people are searching for answers at this time of insecurity and awakening on the planet, and one brave soul and mind steps out and openly reveals a life journey meant to awaken readers and countless others to take their own path to healing and self-discovery. In "The Spirit Healer," Charlotte dismantles the wall behind which she hid for so long to liberate herself and savour the beauty offered by life. Being a woman who married extremely young and faced insurmountable challenges, the author shares how she discovered her voice through a spiritual journey that ultimately made her realize that life offers so much more.

Condensing her wisdom into lucid and simple phrases, Charlotte takes readers to a healing journey to the discovery of personal truth and strength that will enable them to find and grasp their freedom. As an empowered and healed woman, she leaves a message to everyone saying, "Don't be afraid, let me assure you that you are far from alone in your courageous and vigilant efforts to live a life of truth and integrity."

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