THE KNIFE'S EDGE's Author Matthew Wolf Starts Kickstarter Campaign for Sequel

THE KNIFE'S EDGE's Author Matthew Wolf Starts Kickstarter Campaign for Sequel

Success breeds success and 28-year-old author Matthew Wolf of Solana Beach, Calif., is moving forward with his epic fantasy series, The Ronin Saga.

The first installment, The Knife's Edge, sold thousands of copies as Wolf toured conventions, bookstores, libraries and schools all over the country. He is hoping for even better things from the sequel, Citadel of Fire.

"I'm looking to reach even greater heights this time around," said Wolf. "I want to take this project to the next level, showing the world an epic fantasy series that will stand the test of time."

In The Knife's Edge, Gray (the principal character) discovered the nine Ronin who wield elemental powers, but he now must face the demons of his forgotten past. Citadel of Fire brings Gray to the magical world of Farhaven, which is full of danger, anenthrallinglybut unpredictablewoman, a desert full of thieves and magic, and a city of fire.

"Think Lord of the Rings meets Knights of the Roundtable, or better yet, Seven Samurai," Wolf explained.

In addition to a unique and intriguing story line, Citadel of Fire will feature stunning graphics and highly polished writing. Wolf has hired two artists, an editor and a designer as well as a marketing specialist. The first chapter of the 720-page book can be viewed at

Add in the actual printing of this fantasy saga and Wolf is estimating a total of $10,000 for the project. In order to raise this capital, Wolf has launched a Kickstarter campaign. He used a similar strategy for The Knife's Edge last year and was able to secure more than $3,000 in contributions.

To access the Citadel of Fire Kickstarter page, visit

Depending on their level of donations, backers can receive eBooks, paperback editions, hardcover versions, T-shirts and handmade wooden pendants of Citadel characters. Should Wolf exceed his Kickstarter goal, he will put the money toward the production of audio books.

"The most exciting part of Citadel of Fire is discovering the Ronin and their great secret," Wolf said. "Maybe you figured it out from the first book and maybe you didn't. Now the saga gets to really unfold and we can solve this mystery."

For further information, visit or the Citadel of Fire website,

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