THE INFINITY ZONE has Educational, Science Fiction and Psychology Heavyweights Buzzing

THE INFINITY ZONE has Educational, Science Fiction and Psychology Heavyweights Buzzing

What if Einstein, Rudolf Steiner and da Vinci developed a formula for achieving peak mental and physical performance? That's what authors Pallamary and Mayberry answered in their new book, "The Infinity Zone - A Transcendent Approach to Peak Performance".

"The Infinity Zone" stands alone as a book that teaches readers how to reach balance, peak performance and improve abilities in mental and physical activities, through specific movements based on the brilliant minds and geometry of Einstein, Steiner, da Vinci and others.

Iconic heavyweights across a wide array of disciplines are abuzz about the discoveries highlighted in "The Infinity Zone".

World-renowned psychologist and author of "The Voice of Rolling Thunder", Dr. Stanley Krippner, raves in his five-star review, "A prize-winning athlete and a prize-winning writer make a formidable team in this remarkable account of higher states of consciousness and how to reach them. Readers will be told how to enhance their balance and power in areas ranging from art and music to sports and body-building. The Infinity Zone is esoteric and practical, an appeal to the spirit as well as to Nature. There is something here for everyone who wants to push their limits and enjoy a peak performance."

The Infinity Zone is the phenomenon that occurs at the nexus of perfect form and motion, bringing balance, power and coordination to a number of physical and mental activities. Mayberry's company, Grail Sports, created a new product application for individuals based on the principles of "The Infinity Zone." The 8Board teaches a wide array of individuals - from above the knee amputees, to seniors, to the injured, to top athletes in all sports - how to properly harness this phenomenon to achieve peak balance, power and performance.

Elizabeth Sevison, Co-Chair of the San Diego Branch of the Anthroposophical Society, the organization behind the globally innovative Waldorf Schools says, "The Infinity Zone not only draws upon the insights of Rudolf Steiner, it brings them into the highest relationship of mind and body, expanding and aligning them with 21st century advances in science, mathematics, and quantum physics, while maintaining essential links to the ancient wisdom of the past."