Fired up by the desire to inspire his children and grandchildren that it is never too late or one is never too old to pursue one's dream, first-time author L. Gilbert Payne debuts with a breathtaking novel, titled "The Fish Factory: The Story and Life of a Young Man and His Daring Mission as a Marine in the Aleutian Islands during World War II." This book aims to affirm that there are genuine young men who are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect and maintain the freedom of the great American nation, as well as reveal an interesting piece of American history that highlights America's efforts to protect and maintain freedom.

From the base of the majestic Teton Mountains in Idaho to the Aleutian Island chain off the coast of Alaska, this tale follows the life of Matt Stover, a gifted young man who became a marine during World War II. Matt was selected to be in the Special Forces training program where he agreed to join an Aleut shaman and travel to Luta Island to see what the Japanese plans were. Both discovered and foiled the plan of the Japanese to launch flying bombs at Dutch Harbor and other targets in the Aleutian Island chain trying to force President Franklin D. Roosevelt into an early treaty allowing the Japanese to keep the West Indies and other Pacific Islands.

"The Fish Factory" is an awe-inspiring story that captures the essence of the real American hero while sharing a historical event not known to many. Through its main character, Matt, the noble, brave and highly intelligent young soldier who brings out the good in those with whom he comes in contact, the book has given another shining example to emulate. Through its vivid portrayals of the events that transpired during World War II, it has given an additional piece of history that fosters pride in a great nation and its people.

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