THE CIRCUS AT THE END OF THE WORLD by Rosalind Brackenbury is Now Available

May 23
3:39 2014
THE CIRCUS AT THE END OF THE WORLD by Rosalind Brackenbury is Now Available

Some reader think of Rosalind Brackenbury as a poet ... but her regular followers know she juggles between poetry and prose. One of her earlier books -- Circus at the End of the World -- has elements of both, a story told in poetic language that makes you linger on each page.
First published in 1998, it gives us a circus family in Tasmania. At the end of the world indeed. Here is the mesmerizing story of a boy's search for his mother, a woman's desire to explore the world, and a man's longing for love. It begins and ends in Tasmania as the 20th Century becomes the 21st and includes juggling, magic and teenage romance.
Rosalind Brackenbury tells us there are elements of real life in her story. "My brother actually does live in Tasmania," she hints.
"The New Atlantian Library was honored when Ros asked us to return her book to print ... and to make it available for the first time as an eBook," says publisher Shirrel Rhoades. "We've long admired her writing and are delighted to bring this wonderful novel to a new audience of digital-based readers. What a treat is in store for each of them."
Circus at the End of the World can be instantly downloaded at, Barnes & Noble, or from our online bookstores ( or
Friendly to the Kindle, Nook, Apple iPad, and other popular devices, this eBook edition is available for only $3.99 ... less than the price of cotton candy at the circus.
For more traditional readers, Circus at the End of the World also is available in a handsome 6" x 9" paperback edition for only $14.95.
Simply click on the link above to enjoy a day at the circus with Rosalind Brackenbury.

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