T.C. Darren Releases 'Der Ring des Nibelungen'

T.C. Darren Releases 'Der Ring des Nibelungen'


Norse gods and heroes come into conflict in composer Richard Wagner's "Der Ring des Nibelungen." A cycle of four operas of epic proportion, "Der Ring des Nibelungen" is the story of dwarves, mythical creatures, men and a powerful ring.

Author T.C. Darren brings this opera to the page for those who might not want to sit through the 15 hours of four opera performances with his new book, "The Ring Of The Nibelung: The Rhine-gold and The Valkyrie" (published by iUniverse). Darren translates the first two operas in Wagner's cycle in English and in prose form. They tell the story of Wotan, the All-Father, and his schemes to recover the Rhine-gold. The story's catalyst is the theft of the Rhine-gold by the dwarf Alberich. This sets off a series of events that culminate with the appearance of the Valkyries, bearers of the dead, in the second act.

"Characters have to make hard choices with very little time to ponder the merits of each action," Darren says of the appeal of Norse tales, "Sometimes, powerful desires outweigh virtues and the results are tragic. In short, it is a reflection of life as most of us experience it."

An excerpt from "The Ring Of The Nibelung":