Susan Coursey Releases 'How Do You Make a Dragon Laugh?'

Susan Coursey Releases 'How Do You Make a Dragon Laugh?'

Dragons are legendary creatures typically with serpentine or reptilian traits that are featured in the myths of many cultures. There has been varying stories about them. Some dragons are said to breathe fire or to be poisonous, while others have especially large eyes to watch treasure very diligently. But aside from these characteristics, do dragons laugh too?

"How do you make a Dragon Laugh?" written by author Susan Coursey is an illustrative storybook for children that tells the story of Lia, an adventurous girl with a great imagination. Her favorite book is "Puff the Magic Dragon," but to Lia, dragons always seem so sad. One night, Lia was awakened by noises and voices from a spaceship that had crashed into the tree holding the tree house in the backyard.The strange creatures repaired the damage and introduced themselves as Commander Alpha and Ranger Aidan from Planet Eleuthera. They are on a mission on earth to take some animals to Eleuthera where they will be happy, safe and free.

Upon learning that Perry, a huge dragon that has wings, flies and breathes fire has been sad, acted out a bit lately and is put in a cage inside a zoo, Lia decided to see him and try to make him laugh. She boarded the spaceship and travels back to Planet Eleuthera with Commander Alpha and Ranger Aidan. But how will she make Perry laugh?

"How do you make a Dragon Laugh?" is a colorful and entertaining fictional read that invites readers to go on a magical journey to Planet Eleuthera to see if Lia can make Perry the dragon laugh.

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