Sunwarrior Announces the Publishing of THE WARRIOR WAY, Available in Print and Ebook

February 8
6:31 2013

Sunwarrior Announces the Publishing of THE WARRIOR WAY, Available in Print and Ebook

Sunwarrior, a plant-based supplement company in Southern Nevada, is pleased to announce a new informational book, The Warrior Way, A Transformational Journey Toward Plant-Based Living. Nick Stern and Denley Fowlke, Sunwarrior's cofounders, wrote this book together, hoping to concentrate years of experience in one easy to read location.

The Warrior Way book includes many beneficial sections on herbs, spices, and foods that can help people improve how they look and feel. The authors break down nutrition and expound upon many health topics in a clear way. Explore the might of minerals, the virtues of sprouting, what spices do for the body, how to get enough antioxidants, ways to overcome overeating, how and why to detox, and much, much more. Stern and Fowlke also added many vegan recipes, both raw and cooked, to guide readers along a healthier path toward a more plant-centric lifestyle.

"The Warrior Way is an exciting step for us," said Nick Stern, cofounder of Sunwarrior and author. "We put a lot of effort into making this book easy to follow, but still packed with vital information. Making a transition to vegetarian or vegan isn't a stress-free decision. We take some of the anxiety and worry away."

"We'd love to see everyone understand the benefits in raw, living nutrition," said Denley Fowlke, cofounder of Sunwarrior and author. "We know that many are interested, but unsure where to start. This book gives them firm stepping stones in the right direction. It's a good starting point."


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