'Stilettos in Vegas' Reveals Life of Vegas Stripper

June 11
7:06 2014
'Stilettos in Vegas' Reveals Life of Vegas Stripper

Las Vegas, NV

Learn about the business of strip clubs and how strippers are misunderstood outcasts through the experiences of a sympathetic Las Vegas stripper Sapphire, a 23-year-old African American from New York. In the dazzling, opulent world of the Vegas sex industry, she becomes the consummate teasing Eve, making all the boyish, awkward, lascivious fantasies of big credit customers come true. She services anyone from divorcés, rappers, and Chinese billionaires. Valerie Diamond and Dr. Don McGann's "Stilettos in Vegas" offers up a dazzling tour inside Vegas strip clubs and its underworld charms. It comes with a chilling reminder that the industry is controlled by hardcore mobsters and that more and more beautiful young women are flocking to Las Vegas to have their day in its golden sunshine.

After having a child with Spider, a Vegas player, Sapphire's daughter is taken away by child protective services, claiming she is a negligent mother because of her job. She gets her child back through a traditional marriage to an elderly white man, but then she becomes bored and is torn between her husband and Spider. The story takes a change from drama to suspense when Sapphire decides to challenge the club for better working conditions, using as leverage accumulated evidence of sexual harassment, credit card fraud, and tax evasion. She knows the routine, but she thinks she can get one over the notorious mob boss who owns the club. He, however, has got his own plans for her...


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