'Stickability' by Greg S. Reid Is Released On Amazon

'Stickability' by Greg S. Reid Is Released On Amazon

Napoleon Hill once said, "Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest setback and failure." That idea is at the heart of Greg S. Reid's most recent book, Stickability, which is now available at

The April 1st launch of his newest book is no joke, and it's followed closely by the launch of the Stickability app-a companion to the book featuring personalized meditations, music, and powerful success-oriented affirmations.

Whether it's building a business, training for a marathon, or writing a novel, every pursuit has its obstacles. Dealing with those obstacles and continuing onward in the face of adversity is how great things are achieved. Stickability is a fresh look at the ways that great men and women have stuck with their dreams, no matter the odds against them, and how anyone can apply their lessons to their own lives for increased health, wealth, and happiness

To produce Stickability, Greg has teamed up once again with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, a non-profit educational institution dedicated to making the world a better place through the insights of legendary American author, biographer, and success expert Napoleon Hill. Hill was the author of the seminal self-help classic Think and Grow Rich.

Reid has continued Hill's work, featuring stories of the great men and women of our era and analyzing what exactly gives them the strength to keep going when things are looking grim. Stickability is packed with things like:

  • Stories, personal interviews, and lessons learned from people like Steve Wozniak, Frank Shankwitz (founder of the Make A Wish Foundation), Martin Cooper, and Gene Landrum (founder of Chuck E. Cheese)
  • Napoleon Hill's "The Three Causes Of Failure," a piece by the beloved author that has never before been released to the public
  • "The Six Ghosts Of Fear," or the six biggest reasons that people give up (and how to conquer them)
  • How to seize your own "defining moments" when they appear
  • Relaxed intensity and how to harness it even when things are falling apar

And finally:

  • A definitive road map to overcome your fears and build your own "stickability."

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