Steampunk III: Steampunk Revolution Out Today

Steampunk III: Steampunk Revolution Out Today

This third volume of the acclaimed Steampunk anthology series features an international cast of authors and a revolutionary take on the wonders of Steam.  As steampunk continues to gain in popularity, these new tales and fresh tropes from established steampunk storytellers and new exciting talents reconcile Victorian pleasantries with passionate ideologies, reinvigorating the genre.  Mad scientists, lethal assassins, and corseted adventuresses are joined by rebels from Haiti, literary squid, Karl Marx, and Bram Stoker.  Rollicking adventures occur in the rugged frontiers of the West, the teeming cities of the Far East, the treacherous mountains of Iceland, and futures both dystopian and wondrous.

Join a daring English Adventuress on her quest to smuggle a stolen alien artifact past the German blockade, evading barbarian cultists and unspoken sexual tension with her rugged airship captain. Uncover the mystery of a dead and silent world as an aging politician finds peaceful retirement interrupted by a well-armed woman looking for answers.  Travel with a lethal assassin of the Far East as she hunts an eccentric airship captain who is far more than he appears.

With something for everyone, Steampunk Revolution is the must-read anthology for steampunk enthusiasts as well as those new to the wonders of neo-Victoriana.

Ann VanderMeer is the Hugo Award–winning editor of Weird Tales and the publisher of Buzzcity Press, work from which received the British Fantasy, International Horror Guild, and Rhysling awards. An expert on Victoriana, she is the co-editor of the bestselling World Fantasy Award–nominated anthologies Steampunk and Steampunk II.  Her other anthologies include the Best American Fantasyand Leviathan series, The Kosher Guide to Imaginary AnimalsThe New Weird, and Last DrinkBird Head.  Her most recent new project is the online magazine Weird Fiction Review, and she has been named Consulting Fiction Editor at

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