Social Services In the Field of Terrorism is Released

Social Service is a humanitarian profession, exercised in all the different fields, at the level of local, regional, and international levels, evolving with the development of human societies. The development and urbanization is often accompanied by the appearance of many problems and phenomena-whether social, political or economic. Perhaps one of the most prominent problems and phenomena of the current era is terrorism which is considered as one of the most dangerous intellectual phenomena and is becoming a fast infectious disease among weak people. In view of this, it is necessary for social service to intervene and provide assistance and services in order to curb this phenomenon.

"Social Services In the Field of Terrorism" written by author Turky Abualola presents a summary on the influence of the Middle East in relation to the functions of terrorist activities and the role of social service in preventing the phenomenon of terrorism. The information provided in this book seeks to open up issues based on radical points that have become a focus of international studies.

It delves on critical issues stemming from the Middle East to the west. There are quotes from God that pertain to the countries and factors in trying to rectify and analyse some points of this problem that reflects on current issues across the globe. In addition to a brief presentation on the history, forms, classifications, causes, motivations, effects, and characteristics of terrorism, this book gives readers a clear and complete idea and information about the phenomenon of terrorism and provides an idea on how to continue the fight through an effective social service.

Much of this work relates back to social service and the skills needed to combat terrorism. Abualola has related his past skills in this area to bring an informative work based from his own experience on this issue. He concludes this work with many references to divinity that brings many points relevant to this global problem.

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