'Singletary, Herrin: Arthur's Book' is Released

As a labor of love for the Singletary family, Arthur Singletary compiled and edited materials for this book as recently as November 2010 before he went into Intensive Care in December under respiratory distress. He passed away January 7, 2011, a result of Agent Orange exposure many years ago in Vietnam. When his wife, Nancy, found his files, she knew he would want them published for posterity. " Singletary, Herrin: Arthur's Book" is the result.

One day in Cairo, Ga., in the 1990s, as Arthur and Nancy tromped around the city cemetery copying information from headstones, a mature woman appeared standing in front of her car. She asked Arthur what he was looking for. He told her they were looking for the graves of his Singletary ancestors. She directed him out of town to a Singletary family cemetery on Singletary Road. Then she and the car seemed to leave the cemetery without driving away. Following the woman's directions, Arthur found several Singletary graves surrounded by a wrought iron fence in a well-overgrown field. He learned from a neighbor that the farm had been the old Singletary horse ranch about 1850. They do help us on both sides of the veil.

"Singletary, Herrin: Arthur's Book" by Arthur Singletary is a collection of the genealogical information of the Singletary and the Herrin families. In gathering his family information, the emotional satisfaction of learning about ancestors became a driving force in itself for Arthur, but even more so when his research took him back to the land of his Viking ancestors through DNA testing. He said that it validated why he always felt a kinship to the people in Norway and the Scandinavian Countries when he was there, as he traveled around the world.

DNA tests show that Arthur's Viking ancestors moved from the Scandinavian countries into northern France, then England. They came from England to America. The descendants of Francis Singletary relocated over time from Massachusetts southward through North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia to Florida, particularly along the Wiregrass Trail. Arthur offers the message of God's Plan of Salvation to his family along with some interesting and humorous vignettes of family life in the South.

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