'Sex and Drug Addiction And The Insanity of It All' is Released

'Sex and Drug Addiction And The Insanity of It All' is Released


Highlighting the many detrimental effects of drug or substance abuse in the mind and the body, author David O. Rice once again grips every reader's mind by presenting another thrilling mystery novel. "Sex and Drug Addiction And The Insanity of It All" introduces readers to four individuals and their addictions, and let readers see how each of them combats the dark shadow that seems to feed on their addictions.

In his latest novel, Rice tells a story that highlights the addictive behaviors and the associated consequences which eventually lead to the physical and emotional destruction, of possibly some of the most exciting and dynamic characters he has ever created in his mystery writing career. Within the pages of this new tale, readers will see how dark and ominous addicts can become when they can never overcome their addiction even inside treatment centers.

Jimmy Lee was the person whose military career ended after a tragic accident and later on became addicted to prescription pain medication. Then there's Barbara, she was a woman whose sexual needs could not be satisfied by her husband, and she finds ways to fulfill her sometimes incestuous needs. There is also Neil, the male woman- chaser who doesn't know which way to turn and found doubt in what he believed was the truth. And finally there is Toni, the character that you must read about in this novel to truly understand the intense insanity that controlled his or maybe her every behavior. All of these exciting characters are eventually consumed by the dark shadow of their own personal and quite often deadly addictions.

Deeply-rooted on the current plague in humanity, this mystery novel presents the realities of the psychological consequences associated with addiction, and the components of therapy treatment directed toward the volatile drug and sexual abuses that definitely alters life of the people it enslaves and damages the personality of those patients afflicted with the disease of 'Addiction.'