Sandra M. Lowe Releases 'Led by Grace'

One day, during author Sandra Lowe's daily meditation, she was told that the world needed to hear her story. "Led by Grace: In the Beginning" (published by Balboa Press) brings the visions of her meditations, the miracles she has experienced and the lessons her life has taught her to the hands of readers everywhere.

"During my first Reiki treatment," says Lowe, "I spontaneously saw a vision of colors and this experience led me to meditate regularly. As my meditations grew in depth and complexity, I was taken on journeys with various guides to learn a multitude of life lessons."

These lessons are presented in the eight-part "Led by Grace" collection. Each lesson takes readers through the meditations and miracles that Lowe felt and saw, and offers an inspired interpretation and application for life. "In the Beginning" is the first book in the collection, and lays the foundation for readers understanding their self, their perfection and how individuals are connected as divine beings.

An excerpt from "Led by Grace: In the Beginning":

"Why? Why have I been guided to write the Led by Grace collection? What is it about my story that you need to read? What is it about my journey that will help you live your life with serenity? And how will my story bring you any closer to knowing your Self? Led by Grace, written in eight parts, describes a guided process of transformation to becoming fully engaged with living in this world-but not being of this world. I have received Divine Guidance during meditations and witnessed miracles that have awakened me from my slumber of unhappiness to the Light of forgiveness. As you walk with me on my journey, you will see how this process of discovering, and living, my Self unfolded for me."

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