Sally A. Allen Releases LOVE CONNECTION

Sally A. Allen Releases LOVE CONNECTION

Palmetto, FL

Mae Warner is a special person. She ruled with an iron hand when her daughters, Glenna and Jamie, were in their formative years. Jamie is ten years younger than Glenna and resembled her mother with the same auburn hair and snapping brown eyes. Glenna took after her deceased father and was a platinum blonde with blue eyes. Their friend, Cheryl, lived down the road from them, and the two vied for her attention. Even though Cheryl is seventeen years old, the same age as Glenna, she is seventeen going on twenty-six, and Mae Warner is not sure if she is a good influence on her daughters.

"Love Connection", a fictional novel written by author Sally A. Allen, tells a story that will constantly remind readers of the dangers of internet dating. Glenna Warner and Cheryl Hill were messing around on the computer and found a website called the Love Connection. They posted photos of themselves and Mrs. Carrie Hill (Cheryl's mom) in there to see how many hits they would get. Eventually, Glenna quit but Cheryl kept on going.

Glenna cannot believe Cheryl had put herself in that position again after the first time. Cheryl's stubbornness resulted her being raped by a pimp, Jacob Black. While being pursued by the authorities, Jacob has his devious mind at work. He hacked into Mr. Rod Hill's bank account and moves some of his money into one of his.

Furthermore, Carrie is battling alcohol addiction after her separation from her husband Rod while Mae desperately tries to assume her role as a single mother to Glenna and Jamie. Everything got more complicated when Cheryl was raped for the second time and got murdered. Cheryl is gone and Glenna thinks her death has something to do with that website they tried to play around with.