SIGNS SELL Promotes Visual Communication in Retail

SIGNS SELL Promotes Visual Communication in Retail

Kissimmee, FL

Best-selling authors Rick Segel & Associates (RSA) announced today that its latest book, Signs Sell: Harnessing the Power of Interior Advertising, will be in stores and available online in June 2014.

"We believe that signage is the most misunderstood and underutilized tool in all of retailing today," said Rick Segel, co-author of the book. "Using our 'Dummies' approach, we created a guide to help retailers and businesses understand the power of signage and visual graphics enhancing the customer experience and increasing retail sales. This is not a text book, but instead a step-by-step guide to help business owners and marketers learn more about the power of signage."

Signs Sell is a full-color 192 page guide that helps the reader learn about different types and categories of signs and what they can do for the business, as well as learn the mechanics of creating and placing a great sign. It looks at visual graphics not only from the customers' point of view, but also from the employees.

Another exciting part of this book is the relationship with FASTSIGNS International, Inc., "When we decided we wanted to write the definitive book on signage, we knew we needed to work with an expert, and we found that in the FASTSIGNS team. The contributions FASTSIGNS International, Inc. has made to the book are invaluable and we are so grateful to them for their input and support," shared co-author Matthew Hudson.

In addition to being available on and in bookstores, Signs Sell will be sold on the FASTSIGNS website and will be promoted by local FASTSIGNS franchisees. "As a leader in the visual communications industry, and with the retail industry being an important one to us, we are thrilled to be involved in this project," said Catherine Monson, CEO of FASTSIGNS International, Inc. "Rick and Matt's extensive retail and small business expertise is evident in Signs Sell.