The Key To Enlightened Dreaming harnesses the many ideas about dreaming and shapes them into a work that points readers to the fact of dreams as a portal and a built-in connection to a higher dimension ruled by higher powers. Dream guru and rock and roller Robert E. Denton leads interested readers of all religious persuasions through the doors of dreamtime and its landscape that includes dreams themselves, waking dreams or reveries, visions and soul experiences. The author knows dreams will most probably lead to a higher state of consciousness. In this regard, the author teaches his readers the process of dream reading as a base towards building concrete methods of utilizing dreams.

He has chosen several key concepts and incorporated them into the process of understanding and interpreting dreams. Very much alive to the possibility of dream as a powerful and unexplored form of communication and not a psychological sump where an individual's hopes and desires reside, the author denies the retrocession of science where dreams are concerned but takes a far step forward in the utilizing of a mind state that has inexplicably remained as a mysterious but often defining connection to something or someone who is probably helping mankind be what it can be through dreams. The author promises an addition of aprroximately 120 pages to the book, which is to include some of the author's most personal spiritual experiences with saviors of the earth (including the native prophet Smohalla, Christ, Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary, and Mohammed. In addition, the author records new prophecies (or visions ) for 2012 and beyond - relating the Voice of God through dreams, waking dreams, visions, and soul experiences and how the development of these spiritual skills can be used as the ultimate survival tool for the dramatic changes to come in the course of earthly history.

For those who want to explore the power of dreams, Robert E. Denton broadens the envelope of scholarship and practice for them. But this book should be read by everyone, because dreams may be key to everything: to survival, to understanding time and space and the higher powers who seem just to be around a corner as our waking lives turns in to the strange, wonderful precincts of the dream state.

Robert E. Denton was born June 11, 1952 in Hamilton, Ontario. The only son of Pauline and Edward Denton (he has 3 sisters) he found himself to be a spiritual seeker at a young age who was compelled to travel and study ancient spiritual teachings. He left home at the age of seventeen to live in Ottawa after traveling Europe in a 100-dollar Volkswagen. Always on the move, he found that change was motivation for consistent spiritual refinement. He ended up in the middle of the Cassiar Mountain ranges and began writing motivational columns for a few local newspapers.

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