Richard Parenti Releases EMOTIONAL SOBRIETY

Alcoholics Anonymous estimates about 1,388,727 members in North America alone, many depending on its 12 step process to overcoming addiction outlined in the "Big Book." Author and spiritual director Richard Parenti's new book, "Emotional Sobriety: Feel-Good Secrets for Everyone" (published by Balboa Press), reexamines steps 10 and 11, considered the growth steps, and provides new mental practices, encouragement and advice for those seeking to overcome addiction and feel good about their recovery.

"I wrote this book with the intention to help as many alcoholics as possible to stop beating themselves up by doing steps 10 and 11 as they are currently written in the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous," explains Parenti, "and instead discover what's right with them according to how I have restructured steps 10 and 11 in a simple, easy to follow, practical format in my book."

"Emotional Sobriety" tackles addiction from a new angle and includes advice for all genders, races, religions and nationalities. Parenti breaks through the self-deprecating cycles of steps 10 and 11 and teaches readers emotional mastery by looking not at what's wrong with a person, but what is right. Readers will learn new techniques and mental practices when going through steps 10 and 11 of the recovery process.

Parenti hopes all readers realize "it is O.K. to feel good about themselves, I mean really, really feel good and to remind them they are powerful and can create their reality anyway they want regardless of their past."

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