Richard A. Morris Releases New Self-Help Book

Richard A. Morris Releases New Self-Help Book

Miami Beach, Fla.

Author Richard A. Morris knows the search for a partner is no small feat. In his new self-help book "The Secret That Lies Beneath" (published by Xlibris), Morris delves into the male psyche, reveals a notion most men and women seeking male partners believe to be true - that men seem to rate relationships on the value of sexual pleasure those relationships provide.

After coming out at the age of 21, Morris began to learn that there was a pattern: his boyfriends would eventually cause him disappointment and heartache. He would later use his 29 years of experiences to write this self-help book, intended for "men and women who have opened their hearts and souls, believing the words and actions of men."

He puts his own spin on the thrills and disappointments of unreturned phone calls, unanswered emails and broken dates to serve as a guide for those struggling to find their "perfect man." In his words, men think with their genitalia; therefore, his book evaluates the actions of a character named Percy Pecker - Morris' personification of the male penis.

"Broken hearts continue around the world," Morris says. "Broken hearts can cause people to medicate, overeat, under eat, take mood stabilizers and anti-anxiety medications and, unfortunately, some individuals take their own lives from the pain of their broken hearts caused by Percy Pecker. I hope by reading this book it will help (readers) heal their injuries and wounds. May they find peace and their souls find happiness from within. They should have confidence and believe that they have the ultimate gift to offer someone: their heart and soul."