Retired Minister Pens 'That You May Know Him'

Retired Minister Pens 'That You May Know Him'

Is Christ divided? The apostle, Paul denounced the idea of an alienated faith and claimed that Christ prayed for oneness.

Retired minister, Clifford Deister, also believes that all Christians should be united under God. Upon witnessing varied interpretations of the Bible within the Christian church, Deister wrote the book, "That You May Know Him" to unite believers.

"That You May Know Him" brings together the 95 tasks that Jesus was assigned by the Trinity before the creation of the world. The book explains how Jesus accomplished these tasks and uses only Jesus' words and words he inspired from his apostles and prophets.

"I want Christians to become closer to God and be more in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ," Deister said. "I have listed 95 of these prophetic names, titles and designations that Jesus was assigned and fulfilled and have given brief discussions of them in the hope this would help my readers to have greater faith in him and get to know him better."

"That You May Know Him"
By Clifford Deister
Price: $19.99
ISBN: 978-1493121700
Available at: Amazon, Xlibris and Barnes and Noble online bookstores.

About the Author
Cliffor Deister has preached the written and spoken word of Jesus Christ for 70 years. He is the author of two religious books, "Revelation, an Analysis" and "Paul and the Great Stone Wall." Deister lives in Fairfield, CA with his wife of 66 years, Irene.

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