Reginald D. Powell Offers Formula For Success with Memoir

Reginald D. Powell Offers Formula For Success with Memoir

Indio, Calif.

Author Reginald D. Powell believes that the level a person reaches in life depends upon the height of the stairs he is willing to climb. One's actions will greatly impact his life, career and ultimately, his future. Powell is a believer of the proverb, "experience is the best teacher." In his memoir, "Climbing the Stairs," he shares the wisdom he gained from experience and offers readers the key to a successful life.

"Climbing the Stairs" chronicles Powell's childhood and provides a reflection of the lessons he learned along the way. Growing up in a family of twelve children was not easy for Powell. He had to work hard and share everything-including clothes-to his siblings. As he grew up, he also had to endure living through racism. His life could have been a total failure if he gave up and allowed circumstances to control his life.

However, he learned that life is a choice and how it is determined is how a person allows it to affect him. At that time, he did not know what all of those socially acceptable terms were, he had no self-esteem training and did not know anything about self-motivation. He just knew that he wanted his life to be different, and it was up to him to create the environment to make it happen.

A wellspring of inspiration, "Climbing the Stairs" gives readers the chance to know the kind of life Powell lived and what he did to change it for the better. At the conclusion, he reveals the secret formula for a successful life. This formula, D + 3G + W = S, holds the key to life and happiness. Man must have a dream, goals and work to attain success.