"American Specter: The Seven Sisters" by Rasheedah Prioleau is set to release today, February 4, 2014 from Rocket Press Publishing. FBI Agent Audra Wheeler has been haunted for the last thirteen years by a paranormal attack that left her sister, Kendra, in a coma. Mentored by FBI Assistant Director Jonathan Cordero to investigate crimes committed by specters, Audra believes she is on the trail of a serial killer specter with an M.O. very similar to her sister's attacker. The investigation takes her to a small town of Specter, Georgia; a haven for ghosts who exist among the living.

"American Specter" turns the Paranormal Romance and Mystery genre on its ear with the possibility of our loved ones crossing back over to spend their afterlife with us. When a string of paranormal murders point directly to specters Agent Wheeler, who has trained her entire career to investigate possible specter crimes, finds herself enlisting their help to discover the real culprit. With a slew of fun, engaging, and creepy characters, "American Specter" is soft southern charm meets iron northern edginess with ghosts mixed in. Current Reviews on Goodreads.com rate "American Specter" with 4 and 5 Stars!

Rasheedah Prioleau is a southern African American writer with an eclectic range of writing and ghostwriting credits. After several years of Marketing and Public Relations in the corporate world she started over from the bottom as an unpaid intern for a Literary Management Firm in Los Angeles and never looked back. Spending the last five years writing screenplays and teleplays, she received her MFA in Creative Writing in the spring of 2013. She currently lives in her hometown of Washington, GA. She may be contacted through her website www.rasheedahprioleau.com.

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