Randy Coates Releases THE MONARCHS

Randy Coates Releases THE MONARCHS


Author Randy Coates draws on real events from his life in his new book "The Monarchs" (published by iUniverse). He combines a love of travel with the experiences of a friend to craft an engrossing, empathetic tale.

In "The Monarchs," two retired school teachers who travel to Mexico regularly are mesmerized by the annual migration of the monarch butterflies, which brings them spiritual comfort. The couple finds that Mexico is a soothing remedy while the husband battles prostate cancer.

An excerpt from "The Monarchs":

"'It's cancer,' he said and when she did not speak, he shrugged his shoulders and raised his hands. No one said anything for a moment.
He shrugged his shoulders again. 'Prostate, of course.'
'Oh Robert...'
If not for the bad news, the sound of the swishing water as he adjusted himself would have been transfixing. It only added satire to the situation."

"Not many books that I have read show the physical love between two 60-year-olds, including their love-making," Coates says. "The book shows that sexual relationships between two people, regardless of age, should not make anyone squirm."

"The Monarchs"
By Randy Coates
Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 224 pages | ISBN 9781491708583
Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 224 pages | ISBN 9781491708590
E-Book | 224 pages | ISBN 9781491708576
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