RATIONAL RELATING by Damon L. Jacobs is Now Available

RATIONAL RELATING by Damon L. Jacobs is Now Available

Many Americans wait to pursue counseling until their relationships are on the verge of devastation, but licensed marriage and family therapist Damon L. Jacobs would like nothing more than to be obsolete.

In his new book "Rational Relating," Jacobs offers candid relationship advice that can be helpful to couples entering a new relationship as well as those coming to a critical phase in their relationship where the couple must make difficult decisions.

"I hope that readers will use this book as an ongoing assessment and guide for their relationships," Jacobs said. "By building a foundation that is unique to each couple, people can maintain relationships that can last through the most difficult of seasons."

Jacobs outlines five "pillars" that will uphold and sustain emotional connections-even during rough times. New couples can learn to communicate with one another and avoid unnecessary arguments, while established couples can develop more meaningful connections and tools to solve problems.

Readers will be intrigued by Jacobs' idea that the word "cheating" can do more damage than the act itself: Jacobs advocates the practice of polyamory, helping couples create and negotiate agreements about sexual and emotional expression outside their primary relationship.

Jacobs suggests that he would rather couples utilize his book to navigate their relationships before they have lost hope than come to him for counseling at a higher monetary and emotional cost.

"Rational Relating"
By Damon L. Jacobs
ISBN (softcover): ISBN 978-1452581774
ISBN (hardcover): ISBN 978-1452581798
ISBN (e-book): ISBN 978-1452581781
Available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Balboa Press online bookstores.

About the author

Damon L. Jacobs has worked as a marriage and family therapist since 1996. His years of helping couples led him to develop an effective and comprehensive framework for helping couples enhance joy, serenity, and pleasure in their relationships. His ideas combine psychological theories, spiritual perspectives, social justice, and the newer science of seismic retrofitting in order to allow couples to create a unique and sustainable "structure." He currently maintains his private practice in Manhattan, New York.

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