Questions and Answers Inspire Reflection in New Release by Lonnie Garner

February 14
2:33 2013

Questions and Answers Inspire Reflection in New Release by Lonnie Garner

Advancing knowledge and understanding of the human condition is a worthy pursuit, notes the author of this intriguing new book. "There is no question that should not be asked," Lonnie Garner writes in the first chapter. "If you don't like the answer, oh well." As people talk, they think and learn, perhaps posing new questions but always moving forward, Garner writes, adding that he's willing to ask and answer questions people have trouble talking about.

In "The Knowledge Thoughts and Philosophies of Lonnie G.: My Search for Wisdom," Garner tackles subjects that range from those dealing with the world at large communication, environmental concerns, aging and religion - to those that are more light-hearted - haunted houses, women's clothing, piercings and the sense of taste. From Garner's logical perspective, people need to look at issues in multiple ways to fully explore them and reveal the truth; each time the angle changes, something new will be discovered. Even as he urges frank discussion and introspection on issues, the author also cautions against crusading. "Don't expect other people to think like you do," he writes. "Don't try pushing your ways on them."

Author Lonnie Garner, a world-class authority on freshwater shells and freshwater pearls, developed a washing process for caviar while running a freshwater fish company that was the largest supplier of caviar in the United States. Operating businesses like this allowed him to travel around the world, studying different cultures. Garner, a great-grandfather, grew up in rural Alabama in the 1950s in a family used to hard work.

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The Knowledge Thoughts and Philosophies of Lonnie G.: My Search for Wisdom
Lonnie Garner Dog Ear Publishing ISBN: 978-1-4575-1384-8
172 pages
$35.00 US
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