Quarterly First Place Winners for the 2013 L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Contest Announced

Quarterly First Place Winners for the 2013 L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Contest Announced

As the 4th quarter of the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest came to a close with final judging complete, so too comes the announcement of the 4 first place winners of each quarter of this past year. The contest accepts entries of speculative fiction - science fiction, fantasy, light horror and alternate history.

The 4 first place winners now compete for the grand prize. Their stories will be sent to all contest judges and a grand prize will be chosen. That grand prize is $5,000.00 and is announced at the gala awards event in Hollywood in April of this year.

The 1st place winners are:

Quarter 1 - Terry Madden of California
Quarter 2 - Randy Henderson of Washington
Quarter 3 - Leena Likitalo of Finland
Quarter 4 - Megan O'Keefe of California

Each has already won $1,000.00 for their first place win for their respective quarter.

"Randy is the lone male this year in the normally male dominant 1st place category, but we also had this exact circumstance last year," contest director Joni Labaqui announced. "I can't explain it but we certainly have a healthy amount of females entering in recent years. Since the contest is judged anonymously, there are no considerations of gender, age or any other factor. The best stories are chosen by the judges and that is the simplicity of it. No political factors are part of the process. California continues to be the most prolific state in the US and the world of contest entrants. We get more entrants to the contest from California by far, double that of New York which comes in second place for number of entries on a routine basis. The second most prolific country is Australia. England comes in at a close 3rd place followed by Canada."

"The Writers of the Future Contest is an effective means for aspiring writers to make their break in the publishing industry, an industry well-known for being closed to the newcomer," Labaqui continued. "L. Ron Hubbard's vision was so grand at the start of the contest 30 years ago, it wasn't realized back then just how big the contest would become. Thirty years later it is the largest contest for new writers in the world with hundreds of writer careers launched and a total of 12 New York Times authors launched."

For more information about the contest, go to Or call the contest at 323-466-3310.

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