Publish Enemies Releases Graphic Novel - DAYGLOW by David Hahn

Publish Enemies Releases Graphic Novel - DAYGLOW by David Hahn

LOS ANGELES, CA - Publish Enemies, LLC ( announced today the release of their first-ever graphic novel, DAYGLOW. The newly launched publisher made available today part 1 of a 4-part series. DAYGLOW is a creator-owned graphic novel created, written, and drawn by David Hahn.

Told from the perspective of a young Latin-American man, it is a sci-fi adventure story with crypto-zoological creatures that begins in modern times and leaps several hundred years into Earth's post apocalyptic future.

Formed to take a different approach to marketing and distribution, Publish Enemies intends on fostering unique relationships with popular lifestyle brands in order to cast a wider net and reach an audience that would not typically pick up a comic book. From social media to advocate outreach to street marketing Publish Enemies intends to raise the bar on how all publishers release content moving forward.

"David Hahn is a talented writer and artist and we felt that his work would be a great example of what fans can expect to see from Publish Enemies in the future," said CEO & founder, Andrew Fiscella, "Content will be the underlying factor to the success of Publish Enemies. We are excited to grow our publishing portfolio with established writers and artists to appeal to a wide audience."

Publish Enemies will release DAYGLOW digitally in English first for $2.99 on the following:

"Publish Enemies and I share a similar vision of the state of digital publishing. I felt that Partnering with an independent publisher to launch their brand and release a project that is true to my craft is an honor," said David Hahn, creator of DAYGLOW. "I'm excited to see how the audiences will respond to DAYGLOW".