Psychological Thriller by Bestselling Author to Be Released in Paperback

Psychological Thriller by Bestselling Author to Be Released in Paperback

New York, New York

"Everything in this book-the plot, the atmosphere, the characters, and the style-is perfectly mastered from beginning to end." That's how the press described Sylvie Granotier's The Paris Lawyer when it was first published. Mystery and thriller publisher Le French Book is now bringing this award-winning novel out in trade paperback.

The action in this suspense novel takes place between Paris and a village in one of France's remotest areas, La Creuse, where the beautiful countryside holds dark secrets. This gripping, powerful whodunit is about reconciliation with those we have lost. The main character witnessed her mother's murder when she was just a child. Now, a rookie French lawyer who in the midst of investigating her first big case uncovers secrets about her mother's disappearance many years before.

"It's a great book to experience France with both suspense and mystery, providing a meditation on the nature of love and whether we can ever escape the past and reinvent ourselves. This gives it a universal quality," Anne Trager says. "It's been well received as an e-book and our goal is to get it into the hands of more readers."

An excerpt is available here:

In a recent post about European mysteries and thrillers, author Sylvie Granotier discusses the work. "The more personal a story is and the more it comes from intimate emotions and feelings, the more it will touch people who are farthest from the author. When a crime fiction novel is genuine, then the more exotic it is, the more people like it everywhere. Today, there is phenomenal diversity in European crime fiction, which is appreciated because it is different."