Paul Martin Midden's INDIVISIBLE? Set for Release in May

Paul Martin Midden's INDIVISIBLE? Set for Release in May

Wittmann Blair Publishing announces the upcoming release of Indivisible? The Story of the Second American Civil War by Paul Martin Midden. Indivisible (ISBN: 978-0985922320,Trade Paper, 358 pages, $18.99, Category: Fiction/Thriller) will be available wherever fine books are sold on May 7, 2013. Indivisible will also be available in an eBook edition ($9.99)

The latest release by acclaimed novelist Paul Martin Midden, Indivisible is taut, tense, and timely political thriller. In an advance review, Kirkus Indie calls Indivisible a "deeply disturbing novel about the fracturing of modern America" and adds that Midden's "surreal yet eerily plausible extension of current politics will elicit some chills."

About Indivisible:

There is tension-a growing tension-in American politics. a tension exists between those who look to government for a solution, and those who see government itself as the problem. And while tension itself is nothing new to American government, this situation is different; it is starting to stretch the iron bonds of unity that had been put in place after the Civil War of 1861-1865-iron bonds that had held the country together since. Indivisible is the story of how those bonds broke.

When the story opens, it's July 1861 and Confederate soldier Abraham Bellamy has found his mission: supporting the cause of the Confederacy. But not even a full four years later-on April 9, 1865- that mission, now in defeat, would cause Abraham Bellamy to take his own life.

Now, in present day, Abraham Bellamy's great, great, great grandson Abner Bellamy has found his own mission: reasserting the rights of the states that made up the United States. Fiercely intelligent, charismatic, tenacious, and possessing a vocabulary devoid of the word "forgiveness," Abner has collected 22 men for his mission to resurrect the Confederate ideal. Filled with confidence and purpose, Abner doggedly pursues the role he relishes- bringing America back to what it was supposed to be.