Paul E. Heacock's New Guide Takes Readers Back to the Basics

Paul E. Heacock's New Guide Takes Readers Back to the Basics

Overland Park, Kan.

Author Paul E. Heacock brings 47 years of business-leading experience and expertise to the pages of his new self-improvement guide, "BASIC Relationship and Leadership Strategies: Common Sense Ideas on How to Get Along Better with the Important People in Your Life" (published by Trafford Publishing).

Written in a conversational style, "BASIC Relationship and Leadership Strategies" incorporates quotes from famous thinkers, witticisms, and anecdotes from the author to form a discussion about leadership strategies. Heacock's "BASIC" acronym stands for:

  • B: Understanding behavior and keeping balance in personal and professional lives
  • A: Begin each circumstance anew
  • S: Be situational
  • I: Watch the I
  • C: Improve communication, handle others with care, and use common sense

The BASIC concept comes from Heacock's experiences as a business leader, spouse, and parent. Heacock outlines several key strategies and skills readers can easily apply to their professional as well as their personal lives. With BASIC in mind, readers will learn to communicate more efficiently and strengthen their relationships.

Heacock states, "The key to success in business and in personal relationships mostly lies not in learning a lot of new things, but rather in remembering and applying what we already know - in many instances, using our common sense."