Patricia F. Roberts Releases STILL MATURING

Patricia F. Roberts Releases STILL MATURING


In this psychologically provocative new work, Patricia F. Roberts successfully goes back to a time in childhood, to an overheard conversation between her dad (Arthur Frederick Watson, a member of the British paratroop regiment as a liberator of those interned in Germany) and his friend Jim. It gave Patricia's life an explosive secret which she reveals in her publication, "Still Maturing."

After describing in detail living in a small English village, Patricia F. Roberts goes on to relate this incident involving her father in World War II, during the dark days of the holocaust and concentration camps, in which she secretly listens to him talking to his friend, Jim, after the war had ended. She was nearly twelve years old. What she heard was so shocking and she was so traumatised that in the morning it had all been forgotten. Now known as 'repressed memory', it surfaced in 1974 as an audio visual phenomenon in her mind. She was treated as having a mental illness. "Still Maturing" is one of those 'lost tales' of childhood that secretly work on creating a mystery thread in any person's destiny.

Though that long ago secret may no longer hold much danger for her today, when she was a girl, the stakes drove deep, were forgotten and eventually resurfaced as a professionally declared 'hallucination' when she was 40 years old. She became its innocent victim when she was perhaps ready to take on that inadvertently inherited legacy of war. She describes the chill of night terrors, and the 'real' visions of a world inhabited by strange but familiar beings. Was she haunted by her father's own ghosts? What Patricia experienced was partly psychic - and in her traumatised memory perhaps lay the terrible transfer of lived horror.

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