Patricia Cori Releases THE EMISSARY

Patricia Cori Releases THE EMISSARY

Bestselling author, Patricia Cori, is referred to by her fans as a "real-life Indiana Jones." New readers will see why, when they turn the pages of her latest action-packed book, The Emissary (North Atlantic Books). The Emissary has already captured the attention of Hollywood and is in development to be a major motion picture by Global Universal Entertainment. In addition, Beau Bridges and Elisabeth Röhm have reviewed The Emissary and deem it a great read:

The Emissary takes us for a ride and answers the age-old question of how our actions "today" impact the environment "tomorrow." Three shocking, nearly simultaneous events take place around the world: People in Los Angeles witness hundreds of birds dropping from the heavens; Beaches in Maine are covered with tens of thousands of dead fish; and a New Zealand beach resort is devastated with dying whales and dolphins. In the aftermath of this chaos, a strange, grid-like pattern forms in the clouds. Readers soon learn that this is not a coincidence, but part of an evil plan to destroy all life on Earth. Enter, the emissary - a leading psychic, who understands and identifies secrets in the songs of the dying whales. She then uses what she learns in her action-riddled journey to avert a global disaster.

"The Emissary gives readers the thrills and action-packed adventures that we all thrive upon," says Patricia Cori. "But it also offers something more, awareness of our oceans and the changes that have come about, due to man's interference in nature."

Patricia Cori is the founder of the global non-profit, Save Earth's Oceans, Inc., whose mission is dedicated to restoring the balance of the ocean's ecosystems. She's a celebrated author of seven bestselling books, published in 20 languages, and has been a major thought-powerhouse in alternative media. Please visit: for more information.

The Emissary
The Hidden Trilogy (Book 1)
by Patricia Cori
North Atlantic Books
ISBN # 978153394
Release date: March 4, 2014
Softcover Price: $17.95 US, $21.50 CAN
Ebook Price: $13.9

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