ORBS: THE UNTOLD STORY Eases the Grieving Process

ORBS: THE UNTOLD STORY Eases the Grieving Process

Throughout history, people have struggled to make sense of what happens to the human soul after death. Where does it go, and what form does it take? Is there life after death?

Inspired to learn more about the metaphysical world by the passing of a dear family member, authors Elise Lowers and Julene Anderson give audiences the answers to those questions in their debut book, “Orbs: The Untold Story.â€'

“Orbs,â€' illustrated with pictures of actual orbs taken by the authors themselves, is a book about staying connected to loved ones who have passed away, using spirituality to get through the grieving process, and most importantly, life after death.

“We believe that the presence of orbs is a verification of life after death,â€' said Anderson. “Communicating with these orbs was a way for us to grieve. Our hope with this book is to tell others what we have learned about the human soul.â€'

The book includes instructions on how anyone can summon and photograph orbs, and the nature of these metaphysical phenomena.

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“Orbs: The Untold Storyâ€'
By Elise Lowers & Julene Anderson
ISBN: 978-1-4525-7904-7
Softcover, retail price: $25.19
E-book price: $3.49

About the Author
Elise and Julene are a mother and daughter writing team who reside in St. Ansgar, Iowa and Zimmerman, Minnesota. This is their first book.

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