New Spy Novel Based on Real Events is Released

New Spy Novel Based on Real Events is Released

Glonn, Germany

Co-authors MacRoslin and York create an air of adventure for electric mobility in their first jointly written work. They combine today's techniques for gathering information applied by intelligence agencies such as NSA and GCHQ with real events from the world's largest electric vehicle rally. The story follows locations visited during WAVE 2013, and selected participants, all pioneers and dyed-in-the wool enthusiasts, serve as role models for characters in the spy novel. The described electric vehicle is no new model by Telsa Motors, however, it is based on a real electric car that features a range of 700 kilometers on one charge.

With Project Black Hungarian, Capscovil and their authors aim to support the trend for eco-friendly mobility while raising awareness for IT security topics.

After a project time frame of 16 months, the novel has been published as an English and German edition and is available in print and electronically. Several partners of Capscovil support the project.

Book description
The Board for Industrial Research and Development has been shaping major political decisions since 1929. You haven't heard of them because no-one has. They're efficient, discreet and ultra-professional. Working under the guise of a multi-faceted consultancy firm. But a new threat to their customers means all that could be about to change. After much deliberation, a decision has been made.

A new technology is to be tested in an extensive field trial, and the electric car expedition WAVE offers the perfect cover. Naturally, BIRD has no desire to see it succeed. The usual countermeasures are taken and a team is dispatched. The mission is to be low-key, no more than a routine training exercise: an opportunity for BIRD to blood the next generation of field operatives. There is, it seems, little that can go wrong.

But the new recruits are young and impulsive; quick to act when caution should be the name of the game. One bad decision leads to another, and soon the mission is spiraling out of control. What BIRD doesn't know is that there is another elite force on the scene, a crack unit sent by security agency DISECUPRO to protect the technology and its engineer.