New Psychological Thriller UNJUST REVENGE is Released

New Psychological Thriller UNJUST REVENGE is Released

Henry David Thoreau wrote, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." Although many people have dreams, sadly, few actually fulfill them. Isabel Bratt has been reading books and plotting her own stories since she was a child. To write a full novel has been one of her personal dreams that she promised to fulfill at an appropriate time. Having recently retired from the business world, Bratt finally decides to fulfill her dream of publishing her maiden novel. Unjust Revenge is her debut entry into the fictitious world of psychological thrillers and crime.

Set in Central London, Bratt's debut novel is about a journey of revenge that spans an eight-year period. Quite fittingly, the story is set in motion because of shattered dreams. In the early chapters, an innocent teenager's dreams and plans are cruelly shattered by a psychologically imbalanced person. From that point forward, determination to avenge the past ensures that the Oliver family never goes to bed without thinking about how to deal with the present or how to build the future.

The storyline is highly relevant in today's society as it is an example of 21st century difficulties that successful professionals face in managing their work-life balance. Moreover, it highlights the type of retribution a psychologically imbalanced individual could feel driven to take after neglect by the system. Despite the significant development of forensic science procedures, lack of DNA or effective scene-of-crime evidence can still result in unsolved crimes.

With its realistic plot, complex investigative twists and turns, spine-tingling scenes, emotional turmoil, and well-concealed antagonist whose identity is never revealed to readers until towards the end of the book, Unjust Revenge has all the necessary elements for a successful psychological thriller. It would come as no surprise if readers will at once crave for the next installment to Bratt's first fiction. Indeed, Bratt has fulfilled a lifelong dream, and has fulfilled it in stunning fashion.

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