New Novel Reveals Organized Crime and Witchcraft

The contrast between the natural tranquility of the forest and the hectic grind of the city is stark, and the shift between the two environs was a major source of childhood trauma for author William Lightning. This chaotic dichotomy dominated his formative years as a highly imaginative young boy, and years later, it would serve as a thematic inspiration for his novel, a tale of urban fantasy titled, "The Runaway Witch and the Laughing Bear".

The tale follows two orphans, imaginative young boys much like Lightning himself, from two very different times and places, who encounter similar obstacles throughout their lives. David lives in Los Angeles and is held captive in a basement before being forced into the world of drug dealing and underground criminal syndicates. Nathanial, on the other hand, is from two centuries in the past, and is forced to serve an evil, cynical witch in a dark forest. Like two very different sides of a single coin, their storylines play out in parallel, like the shifting reflections in a circus mirror, and as the two boys struggle with their circumstances, they end up rising and fighting for the freedom they deserve, craving for liberation from the cages that constrain them physically, mentally and spiritually, seeking to break the shackles binding their souls. Their tales end up intersecting unexpectedly, and readers will see how organized crime and psychotic witches converge, and whether David and Nathanial will end up breaking free from their captors to find peace, or end up consumed by the darkness of the world they know as hell.

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