New Nonfiction Release Provides Useful Tips for Professional Women of Different Generations to Improve Working Relationships

Women have been in the workplace for generations, but there is still friction between men and women as well as between women themselves. Technology is changing at a lightning-fast speed, and the four generations of women in the workplace find themselves struggling to communicate and integrate the many changes. In this new book, authors Karel Murray and Torie Jochims bring their vastly different perspectives to aid professional women at every point in their career. Murray, a veteran businesswoman with over 40 years of experience, and Jochims, a young woman in her fourth year of college and eager to utilize her newfound knowledge, work together to provide answers to the questions all professional women need to ask themselves.

Addressing questions about everything from personal interactions in the workplace to the new and exciting technology that makes business more global than ever, Murray and Jochims provide carefully considered answers to the questions that continue to dog businesswomen. These answers are thought-provoking and will create the desire to open up a new and helpful dialogue between women and the people with whom they work, and hopefully create an atmosphere that is more pleasant as well as more productive.

"Conquering the Witch Within: Intergenerational Work Place Strategies that Create Real Results" is informative and provocative, utilizing the different levels of experience of authors Murray and Jochims to inform and open the minds of readers. Author Karel Murray has been active in the business world for over four decades. She is an accomplished author and humorist who publishes a monthly newsletter as well as a weekly podcast series with experts in the industry. Torie Jochims is a fourth-year student at Wartburg College, working toward a bachelor's degree in communication arts and writing. Jochims is a lifestyle blogger in addition to writing for a number of news publications; this is her first published book.

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